My Story

Hello.  I am Jacqui McKee, certified life and wellness coach and founder of Remedy.

It is my passion and mission to support women to achieve their goals and to live their vision.

I decided to do what I do because for a long time I felt burned out, stressed, very lost and struggled with eating disorders.

I had worked my way up in a career that I thought I loved and felt like I had it all but was stuck in a corporate cage that was not for me, I felt disconnected and a lack of purpose.

I knew this had to change. I was highly sensitive and full of fear but knew I wanted to live my passion and support women to live a fulfilled and peaceful life. I wanted to make a difference.

I trained extensively, gaining my coaching qualifications, followed by a Diploma in Nutrition. Immediately I knew my purpose and my direction; to make a difference to the way women live. I was full of excitement and as soon as I qualified, I felt my calling. I felt so passionate to support women to make the changes I had made. The self-doubt and fear lifted as I knew this was my path.  


I am on a mission to show women that change is possible and to support them in making changes to live in alignment with their true purpose. My work is to support clients to become open to change and to live a fulfilled, purposeful life.

Using specific tools from life and nutritional coaching combined with a mix of CBT and EFT techniques, my lived experience and a splash of spirituality I work with clients who are feeling stuck and unable to move out of destructive behaviours and thought patterns, issues or problems.

My coaching sessions are unique to each client to re-frame beliefs, shifting old beliefs and problem solving. I help women change how they feel, think and live their life.

I work one to one privately with clients face to face in Newcastle and also via Zoom worldwide.

I live with my husband in Newcastle and am in love with our beautiful, peaceful and happy life that we have created. Today I feel alive and fulfilled professionally and personally.  

I would love to hear from YOU. Thank you for calling by.

Jacqui x

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