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Life and FOOD Recovery Coaching. Repair and transform your life.



I am Jacqui McKee, life and wellness coach, nutritionist and founder of Remedy Coaching.

I support and guide women to uncover, discover and live their vision.

My coaching is to help clients overcome anxiety, stress, low self – esteem, emotional eating, and controlling food behaviours.

Working with bespoke tools and techniques we make change happen.

My mission is for women to live their fullest and happiest life.


Work with me

Life Coaching

What is your vision?
What do you want your life to look like?

Food Recovery Coaching

Are you struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem, body image and their relationship with food?

The Remedy Group

This is a complimentary group of all things, coaching, mindset, wellness, love and life.


Life Coaching

You may feel you don’t know but you know you want something different to what your life looks and feels like right now.

Maybe you feel you are exhausted with wasting time and energy on negative thoughts patterns, toxic self -chat and limiting beliefs.

Together we uncover and discover where specifically you want to be in your life, overcoming what is holding you back from achieving your goals.

I want you to create a life that is fulfilled and satisfying, I am ready when you are. I am here to support you to:

  • Reframe beliefs and create new belief systems.
  • Re-tune your thinking.
  • To thrive in your relationships professionally and personally.
  • To move into a new career or relationship.
  • Feel more confident to attract new opportunities.
  • Help you become aligned mentally, physically and spiritually.


I work with:

A holistic approach with a combination of practical coaching tools, mindfulness, visualisation tools, meditations and a no size fits all approach.

We will work one to one remotely and I will be there for you to support you in between coaching sessions.

Complimentary Discovery Coaching Call


Food Recovery Coaching

Is it time for you to change the way you live your life?

Are you consumed with negative thoughts and toxic self-chat? Do the scales rule your mood and your day? Are you constantly reaching for the next body, weight and size goal, with the belief that once you hit that point then you will be happy?

Through this sensational coaching you will develop techniques to enable you to re-frame your thinking supporting you to live a life free of obsessive and self- destructive thinking and behaviours.

This programme is about building a new way of life, a way to eat without being on a diet.

You will be introduced to tools that you can utilise on a daily basis to lead you to making your own healthy and happy decisions around food.

I will teach you techniques to connect you to your higher self and your intuition, to find a new way of living, learning to love yourself and have a peaceful relationship with food, your body and your-self.

The process and journey to freedom is not easy. It requires time, work and commitment.

Remedy Food Recovery Coaching includes:

  • One to one remote coaching sessions.
  • Packages which allow you to have contact with me in between sessions. This way we can address issues as soon as they come up for you.
  • Digging together to the roots of why you do what you do with food and reprogramming old beliefs, negative belief systems, old memories and triggers.
  • Intuitive eating tools.
  • Identifying and eliminating habits + behaviours that are keeping you stuck.
  • Discovering ways to change negative toxic self- talk.
  • Practical coaching tools to change the way you deal with situations that normally trigger an anxiety response.
  • Suggested reading and resources.
  • Homework tasks to help to speed up your progress.

Complimentary Discovery Coaching Call


The Remedy Group

What you think about creates the belief. The belief creates the action.

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